Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Woes

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now (so by that I mean my mom), you will recall how I hate February. This year is no different. Least favorite month of the year, as you can see here, here, here, oh and here.

Let's just note that I now want to focus on all the great upcoming things in my life to avoid February dread.

1. Spring Training is just around the corner and I'm going this year. I will be attending the festivities (and by that I mean I'll be enjoying the sunshine and watching baseball) with my father and little brother. I am so excited.

2. The Vow. I am a girl after all. Roommate date night, yes please.

3. Weather nice enough to ride my bike. I've been dying underneath all the snow. I just want to get outside to run and bike.

4. Seeing results from the South Beach Diet. It made me really sick for a week, like really sick. But I've got that figured out and now I just can't wait for time to pass by.

5. Austin. Which is where I will be traveling in approximately one week.

6. Working out. I have an addiction ok? Just deal.

7. Summer. ok, I know it's only February but I can't wait to sit at Coors Field, to go hiking and camping and swim in a lake.

AHH!!! I will make it through this month.

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