Monday, March 2, 2009

February Sucks, Here Comes March

So I hold on strongly to the claim that February is the worst month of the year.

Surprisingly, it is not because of Valentine's Day.

Despite it being only 28 days (29 on a leap year), it seems to drag on as one of the longest months in the sports world.

Football is over, basketball is dragging on and baseball is yet to begin.

See, January is awesome because NCAA basketball is still exciting and NFL playoffs are going on. Plus, everyone is still reveling in the holiday glory.

February is cold, and conference races in basketball don't really get all that exciting until the very end of the month or until March. The Super Bowl is exciting, but that is the very beginning of the month. NBA enters the All-Star Break with the trade deadline, but I don't really care for the NBA.

Spring Training doesn't get exciting until March and need I say more than March Madness?

In short, I was really ready for March to come around.

I would like to add a disclaimer that my life isn't all sports, but I like sports, my job is in sports and that is why I write about it and I watch Sportscenter. I like girlie things, but February is cold and I like spring clothes better.

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Lisa said...

Hate February with a passion too. We should be friends.