Saturday, March 21, 2009

Like An Old Friend

I have very distinct memories of sports talk radio.

When I was a little girl, I would be trapped in a car full of boys for hours (one of the many joys of being the only daughter). My dad always listens to the AM radio. I don't think I've ever heard him listen to music in the car, with the exception of a little Meatloaf.

My dad is also a really big St. Louis Cardinals fan, and when he was younger he would spend hours listening to the Cardinals' games with his dad and two brothers. Naturally, whenever there was a game on we would be listening to it.

I catch myself tuning into games on the radio frequently. I just turned on the Angels game when I got into work and heard Steve Klauke call a spectacular play that a shortstop made to catch a runner from reaching first, and it felt like I had just seen an old friend.

I spent countless hours listening to that man call the Salt Lake Bees games this past summer, so hearing his voice on the radio made me feel as if I was driving from Salt Lake back to Provo while the team was on the road.

Even now, I am sitting at work and the BYU baseball game is on the radio in the background and sound of Brent Norton's voice seems so familiar in the background of everything going on around me.

Now if only the team could make a seven-run comeback in the top of the ninth....

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Tyler and Natalie Pooley said...

I'm watching this thing on ESPN about Strasburg, the pitcher of San Diego State, I'm sure I didn't need to qualify him for you you baseball fanatic, anyway, they showed him striking out a bunch of BYU players but I caught a blimps of the BYU field and the Provo mountains and it made me miss going to baseball games with you!