Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Run This Town

Just thought I would let you all know that I am planning on running a half marathon this summer. It is hard for me to pick a date because my work schedule complicates a training schedule but I'll let you know when it's planned.

This is a big deal to be because I ABSOLUTELY HATE RUNNING.

I love sports and I love working out, but I can't stand running. It's way too boring to me.

This might suck

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Years Resolution

I’ve been rather busy with my job lately, and when I’m so exhausted from work I hardly want to write when I get home. Please forgive me.

Part of my 2010 resolutions include an increase in blogging. I love writing, and my current job requires very little of the trade that I worked so hard to develop during my expensive college education – It deserves some exercise and this is my only outlet for the time being.

There are several things that I have thought would make good blog posts but haven’t taken the time to fully develop the thoughts so I will give you a brief taste of all of them (or at least the topics I can currently remember).

1. I love Costco. My dad and I went there to pick some things up for my sister-in-law’s baby shower and I loved every thing about the giant warehouse. I went around lunch so it was the perfect time to taste all the lovely samples. Heather and I used to go all the time when I lived in Provo, and I simply had forgotten how wonderful it is.

2. Perfect transition into the next topic – We had a baby shower for Brooke last weekend. It was so fun and she got a lot of stuff. It was a very good example of they type of extended family this baby is being born in to. She got outfits for the following teams: Yankees (boo), Broncos, Avalanche and my personal favorite Notre Dame. I also got her some little baby Jordans. This is one lucky little baby.

3. The Angels are being dismantled by Free Agent moves. They have lost almost all their top Free Agents and I honestly don’t know how good their pitching will be next year.

4. I decided to expand my search for the best grad school and I’ve narrowed it down to four choices. SDSU is still my favorite for two strong reasons – best curriculum and location! Hello, two years in San Diego? Yes, please.

5. The holidays are stressful.

6. I hate the cold weather. We had a spell of cold that left the temperatures below 10 degrees for over a week. Luckily I got to go to Miami for work at the beginning of it, but I left 80 degree weather and got off the plane in Denver to a five degree chill. It was a sad day for me.

7. I read this great article about Nick Adenhart and wanted to share it with you.