Friday, November 19, 2010


Navigating the world as an emerging adult is tricky.

In college I made some pretty amazing friends. People who I still care a great deal about and people who keep in touch with on a semi-frequent basis. I find solace in the fact that all of my comrades are just as confused when it comes to this as I am.

It seems a bit easier for people around me, as if there are some people who’ve just got it all together. I suspect that if I looked a bit closer into the personal dealings of these people, they are probably just as confused about becoming adults as I am.

I think circumstances can force someone to grow up pretty quickly, suddenly finding oneself responsible for an infant (or hopefully preparing for this task for nine months) can cause people to grow up very quickly, but for the rest of us who go to work/are finishing school/looking for jobs it’s a tricky situation to figure out.

I would like to think that I have made some significant strides in the direction of acting like an adult recently. I have dealt with my fair share of adult issues and I have made rational, mature decisions.

Yet, I still feel like a little kid living the life of someone much older.

I don’t know if it’s an issue of my generation being coddled and told they could have whatever they want in life, only to hit the stage of an “emerging adult” to be crushed by the realities of socio-economic crises that I don’t think will go away for the coming generations.

Yet, I still feel as if the world is at my fingertips. The dreams I was told to aspire toward still seem achievable, if only I am that one person who gets the perfect opportunity to use the skills I have honed for years to make a significant impact on the world.

The problem with believing that those opportunities are still waiting for people is that it’s difficult to tie oneself down to reality. Now, I’m not saying I live in some fantasy world, simply mean that when there are endless options it is difficult to follow one course of action.

Well, at least I feel like this is my plight.

I’m just still trying to figure it all out, and I suspect that this feeling is never going to go away.

Wondering about emerging adulthood?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

All I Do is Win

I have a problem. I am very competitive, and I really like to win.

For some weird reason, I feel like almost everything in life is a game, and you can either win or lose. I don't like to lose.

This can drive me to behave a bit out of character.

I know where to draw the line. I don't compete with my friends, and I don't sacrifice my morals or values in the name for a win (because in the long run that would really be like a loss).

All I am saying is that I like to win. At everything. It's so bad.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I am so looking forward to this weekend. BYU is coming to play CSU and I will be enjoying the game from the sidelines with my dear friend Carey. We used to work together as interns and then as grad assistants at BYU and we had a lot of fun. Many trips up north to either The Gateway Mall in SLC or the outlets in Park City. We discovered great local food and watched many, many games game together.

I can't wait for the game, and some good ol rivalry between myself and some friends that attend CSU. It should be fun!

A few things I'll leave with y'all before the weekend:

The Pioneer Woman is going to be on Throwdown with Bobby Flay!!! I'm so excited. I just love her. One of these days I will win an awesome giveaway on her Web site.

I think this store looks really awesome.

This wedding looks amazing.

Malcolm Gladwell - he's fantastic. I've read all his books and this week I found his blog. He doesn't update it often, but I can forgive that because he's such a great writer.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm in Love!

Not with a new boy, tricked ya (yet I doubt that those of you who know me well would expect me to proclaim something like that on my blog)

I'm in love with this, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma

Today is my mother's birthday! So today I will pay a small tribute to the woman who has raised me and my two brothers, quite well I might add.

My mother has taught me so many things in life. She taught me to be a strong, independent woman with the courage to stand on my personal beliefs and to search after my dreams. Despite the fact that we both posses equal amounts of stubbornness, we get along amazing well and I am privileged to call her my rock and one of my best friends.With three young children a small support system, my mom managed to complete her bachelors degree and begin a teaching degree as a single mother. She made so many sacrifices for her children, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

It's hard to imagine that my mom wasn't more than a few months older than I am when she had me, and she already had two-year-old twins!
Happy Birthday Mom!Mom with the first grandbaby
All of us, a few years back, please don't judge the horrific haircut, it was a giant mistake to see the stylist I did!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Winter

I prefer that you prolong your appearance for at least three more weeks. Please don't come. I know the weatherman says that you're arriving today, but I think it would be better if we stayed apart for a little while longer. Perhaps after your late arrival, you can stay for a very short period of time?



Monday, November 8, 2010

Extreme Makeover

My roommate Heather got me hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I watched every single episode of two season, and both seasons included Jillian Harris. I loved her! I thought she had this great personality that was spunky, cute and full of life.

I was so sad to hear that she and Ed had broken up, but I was super excited to find that she is now on Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

I forced my dad to switch between that at the Packers game last night and I was so excited! Turns out she’s a really good designer and has a similar aesthetic to mine.

I’m so glad that she’s hanging around the spotlight for a while longer.

P.S. That show is amazing. It always makes me tear up a bit. The family was in Pocatello, Idaho, the mom was a cancer survivor and the old house was unlivable because of a house fire. Luckily all the kids survived because the dog got everyone out of the house.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Bliss

I think I have been looking forward to the weekend since I walked into work on Monday. It has been a strange couple of weeks for me and I am ready for things to get back to normal.

Despite having to help with the District football events on both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, but I don't even mind. My friend from high school works with me so we usually spend the whole time just laughing and poking fun at our Canadian friend.

I'm planning on attending Denver's Night at the Museum's. I really want to go to the Botanical Garden, but there are so many Museums to visit, I guess we'll see what happens.

Just a few things to share with you to start the weekend off right:

A Beautiful scene here
Words to live by here
With the Hills canceled at least we can see Kelly Cutrone on Dr. Phil
This has been on my mind a lot, especially No. 29
My cousin is studying in the UK right now, how jealous am I?
What kind of Mrs are you, I'm Mrs. Taurus.
I love my pixie, but sometimes I miss long hair.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cold Depression

The World Series ended in a very anti-climatic manner. That may have something to do with the fact that I have very little feelings toward both the Rangers and the Giants, I'm just glad it wasn't the Yankees or the Phillies.

Now with baseball season at a close I have determined that I should probably move to a place where you can enjoy baseball year round. Remember this?

With the current state of the Broncos season, I can tell that it is going to be a long, cold, sad winter.

P.S. in case you were wondering, my brother Justin is forever 1-for-1 against Tim Lincecum, and my brother Jeff was college rivals with Sergio Romo (Romo's a homo chants and I go way back).

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I don't know if I think that Halloween is that happy. It marks the beginning of the Holiday season and therefore the beginning of the season of gluttony. This year I will not partake.

While working out keeps those days where I can't seem to control a craving in check, I've noticed I've become a bit lax in my eating habits and something has got to change. Worst time in the world to make a change like this is right around the holidays.

So dear delicious bread that my co-worker made, and pumpkin bars sitting at my house, you have no pull over me anymore.