Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Around the Corner

Opening day is almost here. After what seems like an endless Spring Training it is almost officially baseball season!!!!!! (in case you can't tell by me six exclamation points, I'm really excited)

Now, I don't live close enough to a MLB team to actually experience opening day firsthand, but I will be watching it with joy in my heart!

There is something special about the fresh cut grass, the players in uniform in their home stadiums, 25-man rosters set, sun shining down on your skin while watching the greatest game.

I think I had an additional amount of excitement this season because I feel like I have been stuck inside and endless winter. The kind that hasn't risen above 60 or melted all the snow of the mountains. Well, forget the mountains, there is still snow in my backyard.

I just can't wait. I probably won't make it to an MLB game until the end of May when I get to head back to Denver for a jaunt at Coors Field, but I'll be at the BYU games, and hopefully I will find the time to see a few Bees games. Although, I might wait until I see who makes the opening day roster.

Opening day represents the beginning of summer, an end of all the March Madness and the warmpth of well... not winter.

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Cansirboi said...

OPENING DAY! I have been waiting or this day since september.

I love baseball! It is always good to know other who live breathe and survive off the wonderful sport.