Monday, April 27, 2009

Links to Love

So I'm back. I took a short hiatus from blogging because I just didn't have much to say.

But there are a few links I want to share with you, so here I am.

1. I read practically everything that there was to read about this until I couldn't take it anymore. I found this article written from Press Enterprise. They sent a reporter to Nick's hometown to write one of the best representations of Nick, of the tragedy and his story. Click here to read it. I really recommend it.

2. People have already talked a lot about this movie, but in case you haven't heard about Sugar you really need to check out the trailer.

3. I love Dexter Fowler and he has a bright future ahead of him. Click here to read a feature about the Rockie's rookie.

4. I didn't watch the Bulls Celtics games, but I watched the five minutes of amazing highlights, and it really took five minutes to explain how amazing it was. Read about it here or check out the game because it will be on ESPN Classic tonight.

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Zach, Jill, and Casen Pemberton said...

hey! I'm up in utah and i saw sara today at the mall and wondered about you and how you're doing...hope all is well. love ya!