Monday, February 27, 2012

Hair Stress

***Click here for a post with some tips for growing out a pixie. 

I am fighting an internal battle. My hair. I want it to be longer.

I really like my short hair, but I am sick of the same hairstyle so I need a change. I am a little mad at myself for chopping it all off last summer instead of letting it grow. It is almost the longest I've let it go without chopping it all off again. I just need to be patient, but patience is not my forte.

I found this blog post about awkward hair styles when you're going out a pixie and I laughed. Knowing this is my future...

Only I just want ti get my hair closer to chin length. We shall see if my patience wins this battle.

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Anonymous said...

I hate growing hair out! I chopped mine about a year and a half ago, chin length A-line, the back was very layered, I loved it! but it was too expensive to maintain cause as soon as it grew out at all it wouldn't do what I wanted it to now I'm growing it :) so awkward! goodluck! love ya