Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Downside of a Pixie

I frequently get quite a bit of blog traffic due to google searches about growing out a pixie. So, for those people I've got a bit of advice for you.

Growing out a pixie is really freaking hard. There's a whole lot of awkwardness that can happen. My current goal is to avoid awkwardness. I had a super short pixie. I've been growing it out since January and I'm about the longest it has been since chopping it off. And it is still looking pretty short.

Here are my tips for you ladies.

1. Headbands - it'll keep you hair back out of your face and makes a great accessory.

2. Braids - I've recently started putting a small braid in my hair where my bangs are. Its just a little different and an alternative to pinning it back.

3. Weight - Have you stylist cut out your excess weight. I'm lucky enough to have a hair stylist for a roommate. We do this every couple of weeks.

4. Trim - Every so often my roommate trims my hair. This keeps me from sprouting s lovely duck tail at the nape of my neck. Our goal has been to keep the length on the top and trim the edges. I have this awkward length on the sides right now that is easily hidden by tucking my hair back behind my ears.

5. Patience. This is the hardest part. I began this process last year and got fed up and chopped it off. Now when the urge to chop off my hair returns, I tell myself I'll wait two weeks and if I still want to I'll cut it. The urge usually passes within a few days.

I'll include some photos here of good options for growing out your pixie.

 My favorite example to look to is Carey Mulligan. Here are a couple of looks of her hair at the growing out process.

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