Friday, March 2, 2012

A Few Notes

I haven't been able to put down in word the thoughts that have been running through my mind.

Life feels a bit mundane lately. I'm incredibly busy, but not much changes these days. I would call what I am experiencing a bit of a funk.

So, here's a list of random things that make me happy.

1. Exercise - I can't imagine my life without it. Whenever I'm burdened by something I can get all the stress out at the gym.

2. Shopping - it's a bit weird but I hadn't been shopping in ages. I'm so methodical about my purchases that it takes me forever to buy something, but I enjoy going from store to store and trying items on. Imagining outfits and ways to change my wardrobe.

3. Spring Training y'all... Spring Training. My presence will grace the stadiums in Arizona here in about three weeks and I cannot wait. Bonding with the pops and the little bro, yes please!

4. Friends and Family - always there to give me a bit of a reality check.

5. Faith - don't know where I'd be without it. Keeps me grounded, while inspiring me to be better, to stand taller. 

1 comment:

Sean and Becky said...

Haven't been shopping in ages? I don't even know you anymore! Haha, love you. :)