Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Giant Realization

Guys, I had a huge realization today. Is it going to change my life, no. Is it going to change your life, no. So maybe by saying "giant" I am being a bit dramatic (truth).

Anyway. I realized today that I am a t shirt and jeans kind of girl. Wow. crazy.

I'd say I rock a certain Tom Boy Style... but in an effort to simplify my life I realized that I feel most comfortable in a good fitting pair of jeans and a tee. I like variation, for instance sometimes the button down or a cardi but this is me. My simplicity has crossed over to my wardrobe.

So to answer your burning questions about this relvelation...

Does it mean that I care less about clothing?

Yes. I do. I realized this when a few of my friend were talking about anthro and nordstrom and I was hearing the absurd  amounts of money they spent on their shirts. I realized I didn't care to spend that much on my clothes.

Do I still love clothes?

Yes. They are a love of mine. But they aren't a major priority.

Do I care about what my outfit says?

You betcha. Which might just be a reflection of the changes I have made recently. I want to look put together. I want to look cute, but I want to look sensible, athletic, down-to-earth and pulled together.

This might be an effect of constantly wearing work out clothes. 

What about makeup?

Yep, my makeup style has completely changed as well. More simple. As in concealer and mascara. Sometimes eyeliner but last night I wore eyeliner to the Nuggets game and I felt weird. I felt like it wasn't me. Eyeliner and a BYU pullover. Weird. Sidenote though, the less makeup I've been wearing the more compliments I've been getting.

Does this matter at all?

No. Just thought I'd share.

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jaimee said...

jill, i too have noticed that less makeup gets me more compliments. Way to be accepting of less makeup, world!