Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

my plan for the weekend...

I’m headed to Austin for the rest of the weekend. Originally, I was going to go last weekend, but plans changed and I’m going this evening. I am so excited.

I get to spend the weekend with one of my favorite people, Janessa.

We are going to see Sister Julie Beck speak, visit the awesome flagship whole foods.

I am going to work out when I’m there and I’m looking forward to feeling extra fit due to the altitude change. I doubt I’ll even need my inhaler (but I’m am taking it with me, because I’m not dumb).

There will be a house full of children, and whole foods because Janessa’s mom is an excellent cook and I hope to learn a thing or two from her while I’m down there.

Mainly I’m just excited for a little escape from my life.

Now, I need your good thoughts because I’m flying standby on a buddy pass. I hope I get on the flight!

Have a great weekend.

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