Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Weekend.

I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. I don’t have a whole lot going on. It looks like it is going to snow again here in the Denver metro area, so I probably won’t be spending a lot of time outside. I really wish that more of the snow would melt so I could go running outside.

Outside of bootcamp on Saturday, I don’t have any big plans. I plan to get a bit of extra sleep and maybe I’ll read a book. I am absolutely certain that I will not be watching television. Why you ask? Perhaps it was the sick snowed-in girl I was last weekend who watched every episode of Downton Abbey… Err...

I’ll leave ya with some interesting links for the weekend.

This is fascinating… makes me want to cut down my body fat percentage even more. 

Streaming Eisley's new EP.  Confession - I'm jealous of the colors Sheri Dupree Bemis gets to have her hair color. I'm pretty sure I would get fired if I did that. 

I'm anxious to see what this guy's career will be like. Will he live up to they hype? 

Have I mentioned how I'm ready for spring training to begin? 

I'm a little obsessed with this dress.

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