Monday, March 1, 2010

March, where have you been all my life

February was a long month, espeically considering that it only consists of 28 days. For those of you who have followed my blog for at least a year, and by that I mean my mom, you'll remember this post describing my general feeling toward the gray and dreary month.

But March is here! I love March!

I haven't had a lot of time to write but hopefully that is going to change soon! Here are a list of things that I have been thinking about expanding upon.

I have discovered so many wonderful new little blogs that need to be shared - beware that none of them have to do with sports

I love my friends, all of them.

I had a lot of stiches in the month of February (more incentive to hate the month) and I have eight left and they itch like crazy!!! I can't wait to get them out. 

Spring Training is here and I can hardly wait for Opening Day. Oh how I've missed baseball season.

I miss the softball team like crazy.

I'm working on a side project and when it is better developed I will share it with all of you. It's satirical commentary on my life in an LDS singles ward.

I'm inspired by the people around me who are so talented. Check out my photographer friend Jenny's blog.

Everyday I am baffled by the kindness of people around me, don't worry it is oftentimes mixed my shock at the appalling actions of others, but I find hope in the random acts of kindness people perform.

I can't wait to take a vacation.

I'm hoping to move really soon!!! Cut down my commute time and get to spend more time at home, plus get an awesome roommate and a fantastic apartment.

I realized I have a commitment problem - more on that later.


Tyler and Natalie Pooley said...

I loooove March too! Feb 28- rain 42* in Boise, March 1 Sunny and 57*!! PS-where did all the stitches come from??

dawn said...

As usual, your mom responds!!! I love you! I love your writing!

Caley said...

Jill, having a commitment problem is not a bad thing... I mean, lets not even call it a problem

Big ED said...

why is it such a big deal for these blogs to not be about sports. sports are great, except soccer. sports are the root of all life.