Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pure Exhaustion

This move is much more exhausting than I imagined it could be.

Every night when I have fallen asleep I feel like a few seconds pass by and then I'm awake, and it is not fun. I'm so tired that I almost tried to take a nap, but I didn't have enough time before the BYU game last night.

This brings me to my next topic, DirecTV. We have it now and it is awesome. Janessa got a great TV with her tax returns and all of the HD channels look amazing. Not only did we get the Hd package, but we have the MLB network.

I am literally sitting here watching the DVR recording of 30 Clubs in 30 Days about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I'm just loving it!

Last year we had the MLB Network four about a week and I was obsessed with 30 Clubs in 30 Days. It's awesome. They visit all 30 baseball clubs in spring training. not only do they break down the talent of the teams but you see an entertaining portrayal of the coaches and the players.

The Angels' Spring Training has been going well and I'm excited for opening day. I was a little nervous with Lackey going to the Red Sox (it is painful to say that because of how much I dislike the Red Sox and how good Lackey is).

A lot of statisticians have said that the Angels aren't going to be as good this year as they have been in the past and the Rangers are going to give them some trouble in the division, but I still think there is an expectation of winning in the clubhouse and they will find a way.

Matsui is with the Angels now and I love reading this blog because some of the writers will make comments about the Japanese media that follow him around, it's a bit entertaining.

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