Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventures in Moving

I am exhausted. In an effort to preserve my personal days for vacations down the road, I decided to make the big move after work. I don’t accrue vacation until I’m at the company for over six months, so for the time being I’m trying not to take any time off.

I moved so much stuff yesterday! After work I went to my mom’s house where she and Cris helped me move my bed a few other things. After a quick dinner break I headed to my dad’s house to get the other big items and then I spent several hours unpacking all of my stuff.

Moving is exhausting. I am cutting back on sleep and my attention snap is shot because of it. Everything takes twice the amount of normal concentration. Just typing alone is quite a task.

But on the bright side, I have an apartment. I’ve got stuff to furnish it with and we’ve got an awesome plan for our kitchen table and I’m so excited, I just need about 16 hours of sleep before I’ll be able to show my excitement.


dawn said...

And now today, LOTS of snow . . . so much for moving things today. It's just as well . . . make some headway at home! Love you, Toots . . .

Erin said...

Pictures please :)