Thursday, March 4, 2010

I’m an ambi-turner!

At the end of January, when I was afraid of losing my job I finally got around to seeing the dermatologist for my regular screening. She took three biopsies and all three of them came back with varying degrees of abnormal tissue (meaning that left alone it would eventually turn into Melanoma).

I’m starting to get used to this. Over the last two years of my life I’ve had several biopsies and a couple of them have been abnormal. My father’s history of Melanoma, combined with the amount of sun I saw playing in softball tournaments all summer long makes me an excellence candidate for skin cancer – plus I’m just about as fair skinned as snow white.

This morning I got the stitches out on the third removal – right behind my right ear. I’ve only been able to turn to the left for over a week now and I’m so excited to turn to the right again (watch Zoolander for the ambi-turner explanation).

Unfortunately my pale skin is also incredibly sensitive so I had an allergic reaction to my bandages. I have a great little rash now that itches like crazy.

The doctor said I should keep it covered for another week but because of the bad reaction I can smother it in the healing goo during the day and only cover it at night – to protect it from reopening and popping the stitches that are under the skin.

Did I mention that it itches – and that they back of my ear is covered in good…? Bad combination.

At least I’m done with stitches and can turn right again – March is already better than February.

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