Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happiness Despite my Issues

I’m still sick. Last night my teeth hurt so bad that I felt like they were being ripped out of my gums by a mean invisible person.

The whole right side of my face feels like it is going to explode so I forced myself to visit the doctor today to get taken care of.

I have a sinus infection on top of incredibly aggravated allergies (yes it’s March and has been snowing and the green stuff hasn’t even started growing, this summer is going to be rough on my allergies). I got antibiotics and a new nasal allergy sale.

As my new doctor was taking my medical history she was surprised by the nasty bout I had with pertussis a few years ago – yeah that’s the whooping cough. Miserable couple of months. That was when she decided I needed a new tetanus shot. So I got one of those. (you’re immunized against pertussis with that shot).

I begrudgingly forced myself into work for the rest of the day. When I called my boss she told me to take the rest of the day off, “That’s what your PDO’s are for.”

I wanted to shout, “No, those are for my vacations.” But instead I said I know. See at the corporate offices you only get eight personal days a year and you don’t start accruing vacation for six months. Meaning – all my vacation days need to come from my PDO’s.

So my teeth still feel like they’re trying the rip themselves away from my gums, and my left arms is starting to feel incredibly uncomfortable because of the tetanus shot and I’m sitting at work.

I went out and got this little treat for myself and all I have to say is that a large diet coke with light ice is heavenly on a day like today – plus McDonalds is now sporting the styrofoam cups for the large drinks! I know that it’s worse for the environment but it keeps your drink cooler for longer and I’m a fan of that.


Erin said...

THE WHOOPING COUGH!!! Oh my gosh! Remember how we put a sign up on the fridge that said something about the whooping cough? I miss that and I miss you. Loves :) Ps Sorry that you feel so crappy. Get better my friend.

Zach "Sunshine" Anderson said...

It's actually not worse for the environment. That's a myth. Trust me, I lobbied for the damn stuff for an entire summer. There are few things better than a fountain DC in a polystyrene cup.

Anonymous said...

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