Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today I wanted to cry.

That is being a little dramatic, but the realization that I am not going to be working with a baseball team this season is starting to sink it.

Please do not misunderstand me, because I am so grateful to have a job right now. I have met so many people who have recently graduated and cannot find a job. It makes me incredibly grateful.

Today is the home opener for the BYU baseball team. Right now they’re up 4-2 against Washington and hopefully they could pull through with a win.

I just miss being in the press box, I miss tracking down the lineups and posting them for the media – the pre-game meals.

I miss prying open the windows of the press box in an effort to better understand the umpire when he calls balls and strikes and having to crank the heat up because of the cold air rushing in from the window.

My heart hurts a lot. This feeling reminds me of the feeling you get when a boy you used to date starts dating someone – you feel replaced, cast aside. I don’t like it.


dawn said...

I totally "get" it. I'm sad for you . . . If it's meant to happen again for you, and I'm sure it is, then it will. You're too good for it to not happen . . . After all, don't all Williams's have to be involved with baseball a some level? :)

Brooke and Justin said...

Mom is right, and I know that if you're not a part of baseball somehow, it'll find you!!! If you want jill you can come post our lineups for the media???? No money involved though