Monday, October 4, 2010

So Long Summer...

The regular season has ended. I went to the last home game (yep I even took the afternoon off of work to do it) and it was so sad. I hate the end of the season because that means no baseball for six months, and it means that cold weather is imminent.

I took this photo of the field at the last Rockies home game. (I regularaly take photos when I'm at games and send it to the rest of my family, to make them jealous).

And these are other random baseball field photos I took from this summer that I haven't deleted yet.


Anonymous said...

hi this is eddie and i know that the end of baseball is sad but on the bright side, you could come watch me play fall ball. baseball is a game that you have to wake up on christmas morning ready to play.

dawn said...

I'm really, really sad that the season is over . . . for so many reasons. We are sort of a weird family, aren't we???? :)