Thursday, October 21, 2010


What does one really wear to a fashion show???

I'd like to think I have pretty good style, but I'm not incredibly trend. I kinda do things my own way, while working a classic look with an eclectic flair (if that at all makes sense...). But my dear friend Larke is a fashion student and she just returned from New York for a magazine internship, and she invited me to attend a fashion show with her.

She went to fashion week while she was in new york (where she saw a designer that I recently fell in love with, WHIT) so she's pretty much an expert, but I'm a newbie. No clue what to wear or how to act. It should be interesting.

On a baseball-related side note, I'm not at all surprised with what happened yesterday. I think today's matchup will be interesting with Lincecum and Halladay facing off. I'm going with the Phillies and Halladay on this one. I'll take giants in game six though.

Happy day before Friday!

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