Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ginger Ale

Rangers all the way baby!

That’s the way I’ll be cheering this post-season. It will be interesting to see how the Rangers matchup again the Yankees. Talent-wise they should be pretty even, although I think I’d take the Rangers pitching over the Yankees. But the advantage that New York has is several days rest and a lot of post-season experience (well that and a massive payroll but whatev…)

I still like Texas because they have momentum coming off of this series.

As far as the Rangers/Rays matchup I got to see a pretty good game. David Price threw well, and most of the runs were allowed because or mental errors. The Rangers exploited those errors and played aggressively. Did anyone see Vladdy score from second on a ground out? I’ve never seen him run like that.

The Rays couldn’t produce any type of run support. The bats were doing much and Cliff Lee was dealing. He made a lot of those batters look like high school players. They didn’t know what to do… just swinging at everything and then watching third strikes.

Anyway I’m excited for the Championship Series to begin, which won’t be until Friday. Does anyone else have a problem with the amount of time they take between series? These guys play every single day during the summer, but then they need this much time between series???

The NLCS doesn’t even begin until Saturday?? I’m sure it’s about ratings but still, I’m annoyed.

Also, Ranger celebrate with Ginger Ale, that’s awesome. LOVE Josh Hamilton.


Anonymous said...

Eddie Here,
Jillian i respect your analysis over the upcoming ALCS, however I disagree strongly. I am not a Yankee fan, however to say that the Rangers talet level is the same as the Yanks is ludacris. Elvis Andrus is not Jeter. Hamilton over Granderson, however Granderson has done some pretty good things in the past in the post season and Hamilton hasn't done anything yet. Cantu does not match up to Teixeira.Vald at DH over Berkman maybe i would say it's a draw. Draw in Rightfield as well. Posada over Bengie Molina. Bengie is getting fat. Cano over Kinsler obviously. I would say the Yankees starting pitcing stomps the rangers. In experience as well as wins. I say Yankees in 5 maybe 6

Anonymous said...

oh and arod over michael young

Jillian said...

I had a really good retort written that included an accusation of being a closet Yankees lover and calling Posada old, but when I hit publish you comment my computer freaked out and my comment is forever lost in the internet world.

Game one to the Yankees, same for the Phillies. After Sabathia starts it's up in the air.

I'll vomit if I have to see a Yankees Phillies matchup.

Anonymous said...

see i disagree though, the Yankee's staring pitching is a lot better than the Rangers. i think at least.

Sean and Becky said...

Yay for Texas!

Anonymous said...

great post thanks