Friday, October 15, 2010

Community Kitchen

This new little cafe opened up around our corporate campus and I decided to check it out for lunch. It was a very interesting experience.

Cafe 180 is a community kitchen. Here's the mission statement:

"CAFE 180, recognizing our universal appetite for delicious, nourishing food and social connectedness, is dedicated to eliminating hunger and social barriers associated with food by feeding all people regardless of their ability to pay, in a dignified and respectful manner"

First off, it was delicious. Great little atmosphere, my co-worker and I sat in the sun room with window open to the rest of Broadway. The pizza was delicious! Natural, organic, locally grown... Can't beat that.

You determine the amount you pay. If you can't pay then you can volunteer.

After a little internet research, I learned it's based off the model of the SAME Cafe in Denver and is involved in a little community of One World Everybody Eats. These community kitchens are starting to pop up around the country and even Panera owns one.

There are some really amazing people out there who are striving to make a positive impact in their communities.


dawn said...

That is awesome!!!! I wonder how it's funded . . .

Libby at CAFE 180 said...

Thanks for the support and review, Jill! Would you consider also posting this directly under "Reviews" on CAFE 180's Facebook page?

Dawn, to answer your question, CAFE 180 was originally funded by a private foundation, as well as donations from numerous individuals in the community. Now, we earn about 80-90% of our revenue from the restaurant, and the rest has come from fundraisers and donations that we receive on a daily basis. So, every time someone from the community eats a meal with us and pays a little more for their meal than they normally would pay, they are paying it forward so that others in need can eat. It's amazing!

Libby Whitmore
CAFE 180