Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turns Out I've Been Doing it All Sorts of Wrong

I’m afraid that my throat may swell shut when I’m sleeping at night. That would be terrible. I woke up about six times last night because of this lovely little problem.

My allergies are the worst they have ever been. I’m planning on seeing a specialist about this next week but for the time being I thought I would search to see what at-home remedies would be helpful.

Turns out That I’ve been doing everything wrong.

I need to wash all of my bedding (not just sheets but pillows and blankets) once a week in water that is over 130 degrees. I also should not live in a carpeted home (apparently 90 percent of allergies in the home can be prevented by simply have a hard surface floor rather than carpet. Did I mention we don’t have a vacuum?

Clothes should not be left sitting around, thanks to my great love of clothing I don’t have the space and since we’ve had a new roommate I’ve had to limit my clothing space to just one closet (a travesty)! Needless to say, my clothes are everywhere.

The home needs to be cleaned incredibly well, but the allergy sufferer shouldn’t dust or vacuum, and shouldn’t be exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals, unless it’s the wax kind (didn’t even know there were wax cleaning products).

You should sleep with your window closed (mine is wide open with a giant fan blowing that air directly on me).

There are ridiculous amounts of information out there for allergy sufferers and it’s difficult to sift through all of the information to find anything valuable, but in all my searching I have learned that I’ve been living my life all wrong.

I’m moving again this weekend (which will surely bring the dust up from all over the place and cause my body to attack itself) so hopefully I’ll be able to make some changes.

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