Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday at the Rockies

Dear Heckling Crowd,

Thank you for reminding me that the fan experience can still be a lot of fun. Thank you for picking on Willie Harris. Thanks for grabbing his attention in the middle of the first inning, and then continuing to heckle for the remainder of the game.

Thank you for your sometimes witty remarks and for commending Willie for getting a hit.

I especially enjoyed the following comment, “Hey Willie, your socks are higher than you batting average.”

Thanks for getting better as the alcohol continued to poor and thanks for being willing to pay six dollars for a beer.



Dear Willie Harris,

Thanks for waving to the left field crowd prior to the bottom of the first inning. Thanks for wearing your pants up, inspiring my favorite comment of the week.

You’re awesome,


Dear Gentlemen who know nothing about baseball,

Thanks for entertaining me on Saturday. Your willingness to shout at the Nationals’ players despite your knowledge level extending barely beyond what a t-ball player knows brought me great joy.

There is a reason that these players are getting paid so much to compete at the highest level, no matter how lazy the fly ball to left-center looked I assure you that Carlos Gonzales’ efforts were much greater than yours would have been. Trust me.



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dawn said...

I like . . . sounds like a good day!