Friday, May 21, 2010

Interleague Play

I love that bud Selig introduced interleague play. I dig having two leagues because you can have an NL team and a AL team and they rarely play each other (except on the rare chance that your two teams match up for an interleague series).

Last season I got a change to see David Price hit (if I remember correctly he did manage to get a single). I love it when the AL pitchers have to bat.

The dynamics dramatically change when you take away the DH, or you add one when the team typically plays without.

I'm looking forward to watch baseball this weekend.

Here are some articles debating the difference between the two leagues. article
about the matchups this weekend.

NL vs. Al, which is better?

P.S. BYU softball had a great regular season, MWc Player of the Year, Freshman of the Year, Coach of the Year, MWC Champions, Sixth-consecutive regional appearance. They face Texas today...

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