Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday

It's finally Friday, it has been a long week. I'm in such a good mood just knowing that I can sleep in tomorrow morning.

I'm not really sure what my plans are for the weekend, I'm pretty sure baseball will be involved.
My mother and step-father are headed down to Texas to see my brother Jeff's team play. His fiance is visiting too and I'm super jealous that they are all together.
As much fun as I am having growing up, the thing that is the hardest for me to deal with is the distance that separates my brothers and me. I don't like it, and I'm going to whine about it for a minute. I really miss them and their respective wives/fiances/daughters.

Here are some happy Friday thoughts for you:Coach is a genius with social marketing. The company hired four popular bloggers to desgin limited-edition bags for the Web site. SO SMART
Ever wondered the best way to get that beach look with your hair? This is one of the most comprehensive descriptions I've ever read, it will please all types of hair and budgets.
Since I have naturally curly hair I find that the best way for me to do this is to blow dry my bangs (they are blunt cut so I have to) and the roots near my part. I put a little Surf from Garnier Fructis, don't put in too much, just enough to give it some texture - then drive with the windows down. I know it sounds ridiculous but it works for me.

I love this photo that I stole from here

I bought this little gem last weekend and I can't wait to lounge by the pool with it, if only the weather were going to be nice this weekend. I just need a nice silk scarf to top it off.

I'm hunting for a new swim suit - Help! I'm digging this suit from Hapari, but I also think i want something that looks a bit more retro. I'm so confused...

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Wishing you were here . . .