Friday, May 14, 2010

Men At Work

Picked up a new book, Men at Work. The book has been around for awhile but I thought it might make for a good read. As I began with the new introduction I immediately fell in love with the book and I wanted to share this little excerpt with you. First, I think this is so more moving and beautiful than any other contemporary writing that I could lay my hands on. Second, it combines two things that I love and play supreme importance upon, baseball and good writing.


In the twenty years since the first publication of this book, baseball has experienced many exhilarating improvements and some disorienting and dispiriting turbulence. Though it all, however, baseball has remained a gift that keeps on giving because it never stops surprising, intriguing and challenging its attentive fans. Its steadily thickening sediment of statistics and other layers of history invite fresh comparisons to contemporary players an their achievements with those of previous generations. And for baseball fans, who must be the most argumentative Americans, comparisons entail controversies, which are integral to the vibrant life of the game off the field and around the calendar. Furthermore, baseball retains its remarkable capacity for evolving new subtleties pertinent to the related skills of assembling a team and playing the game. And even in baseball’s third century, it has a beguiling ability to generate enchanting new quirks. Consider this actual event from a minor-league game: a team hit into a triple play without the ball ever being touched by a fielder. How? Think about it…

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