Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Bliss

I love the weekends!

This one is going to be a relaxing one!

I'm pulling a grown-up stunt and hosting a dinner party tonight and I'm pretty excited. Wanna see what I'm making?
This morning I got the best video of this little girl, she's the first little baby in our family and she's adorable. I can't wait to go out to Nevada to see her!

It's so crazy to me that my brother is a father now. I'm so happy for both Justin and Brooke and they are going to be amazing parents. Baby Brielle is one cute little girl!

My other brother up and got engaged last week, I honest thought it was a joke when he told me. I didn't know he had bought a ring and he was supposed to be in Maryland but he drove to Indiana and surprised Jenna.

I'm loving this blog post. It's a letter from a mother to her daughter.

My job allows me to get some sick discounts on athletic apparel and it doesn't help that I'm obsessed with Nike Women.

I have no idea which pair of shoes to get but I know I NEED some (and by need I mean by current running shoes now have a weird color from the strap on the bike and my spin class).


Brooke and Justin said...

YAY!! Your coming to see us! We can't wait!! :)

dawn said...

How was your dinner? The recipe was great! The letter to her daughter blog was sweet . . . and you have shoe issues! ha ha!!