Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Need the Ocean

So I can’t wait for a vacation. I can close my eyes and feel the salt air from the beach, I can smell it in the air and then I open my eyes and I’m sitting in my cubicle and I want to cry.

Caley and I are doing something epic and super American – we will be taking a road trip across the country at the end of May. She’s going out there for an internship at a law firm and to fulfill her maid-of-honor duties while she’s on break from school and she needs people to ride with her. Enter Samantha and I!

Last summer we road tripped it to Long Beach and had some pretty amazing moments – I sense that it is only going to get better!

Plus, I will get to see the ocean again and get away from work for a while. Plus we might be making a few awesome stops along the way. Possibly the Negro League Baseball Museum (I went when I was in Kansas City for work, but Caley and Sam have never been), possibly some Arthur Bryants (yes I would eat meat if we went there because it’s the best barbeque ever) and then we might hit up some random minor league games along the way.


The Versa, such a trooper

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Brooke and Justin said...

OK.. Seriously... u can take off work for a road trip across the country but not for one day to see your ONE AND ONLY NIECE! Brielle and I are offended! HAVE FUN!