Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

Mondays are rough.

Back when I was in school or working for the athletic department/the Bees the weekends meant nothing to me because I was working through them.

Monday wasn’t such a terrible day because it was just another day, in fact Mondays were generally better than the other days of the week because BYU doesn’t play in a lot of Monday games.

Now that I’m in the “real world,” my weekends are precious and my Monday morning wakeup is painful.

Now I have to just sit and wait for the remaining days of the week to pass by before I experience two days of freedom.

I will celebrate this torturous morning by sharing a few links with you:

So Bobby Wilson got rocked this weekend and the video is hard to watch. He's doing ok now. It's baseball and this stuff happens.

Tebow! So excited! The Broncos might not be that much better this year but at least with Tebow and Quinn, they'll look better!

Check out the players who signed with NFL teams from BYU here.

Guess what's coming to the Denver area, check here and here.

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dawn said...

That hit to Wilson was definitely hard to watch . . . and IMO totally unnecessarily high. Wow . . .