Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I hope it will be said we taught them to stand tall & proud, even in the face of history & the future was made new & whole for us all, one child at a time.
          - Brian Andreas
Sometimes I worry. I worry a lot. About things that are completely out of my control.

Life is so much better when you let go of the worry around you and you focus on the good and the positive, and you find it engulfs your life. It’s just waiting there for you to allow it in. For your eyes to see it. I think it is usually found in those around me. In my family and my friends. In their courage in hard times, in their trails and heartbreak and mainly in allowing yourself to see the divine within them, what they can’t even see about themselves.

It can be a bit sad, to watch someone struggle to find these truths. But it is overshadowed by their goodness, by their hope and optimism. Even if they can't see or feel it yet.