Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Denver

Over the weekend I had my first Occupy (insert any city name in the world here) experience.

I went to the 16th Street Mall to check out the new H&M (note it was way too busy for me to actually get any shopping done...). I did manage to make an amazing purchase thanks to some friends and family coupons I got...

While making my way over to the Denver Pavilions my friends and I hear a commotion, then we saw some police in the distance. Everyone around us had stopped what they were doing so we joined in. I saw a group of people coming toward us, with police lining the street. The next thing I know, a group of young people, with handkerchiefs over their faces started walking by, knocking the tops off of the trash cans, and in some cased knocking the trash cans over. A group of police officers on Motorcycles followed the group, urging them off of the main pathway.

Then a larger group chanting "We are the 99 percent," walked by. They were turning to us, asking us to join in on the protest, informing us that we too were the 99 percent.

On our way to dinner after the H&M disappointment, we saw the perimiter of Civic Center Park was surrounded by police, and police were everywhere just beyond the park.

It was very interesting.

Photo from the Denver Post

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Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

Crazy. On Friday Wade and I were walking around in Princeton looking at shops and stuff and we almost got run over by a group of people marching down the sidewalk shouting things we couldn't understand. Their signs said they were marching to D.C., which I hope was just figurative because that would take them a long time....and it was cold out.