Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair Color

***Click here for a post with some tips for growing out a pixie.
Remember when I wanted to grow my hair out? Remember how that didn't last very long?

I decided that I'm committing to growing it out. I have the phases planned.

Before growing it out I decided to have a lot of fun with the color. I found what my favorite style is...

It's a gray with a purple tone and a very dark brown in the back. It's so fun! The purple washed out so it's more gray and it only looks purple in really low light.

Don't worry, it'll be brown pretty soon. In time for my brother's wedding.

1 comment:

bonbon said...

Hey Jillian! I stumbled upon your blog via Sally's blog today. And I usuall don't comment when I creepily stalk others' blogs, but I just wanted to let it be known that I LOVE your short hair. Not that I should have an opintion on the matter, but I seriously think it's adorable short so don't feel too depressed if you don't have the patience to grow it out because it's so cute short!