Friday, September 23, 2011


I’m grateful for the friendships and relationships that have endured the test of time. That my most dear friends will always seem dear to me, despite thousands of miles and oceans that separate us.

I strongly feel like there are reasons that people are brought into our lives during different times and why we remain close to them.

I have the best friends. The people I see on an almost daily basis, the people that I talk to just a couple of times a year and everyone in between.

My life has been shaped by their influence and by their love.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about love, romantic, platonic and charitable love. I want to live a life where the people that I love never have to question that I love them. And I want my love to be a pure unconditional love like that of the Savior.

There will never be too much love in this world. I want to spend my life wrapped up in the love of people around me, and trying to share that love with them.


Watt Family said...

I love you Jill and always will! Your one of the best people in the world!

Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

Amen sister!

dawn said...

You are a prime example of where giving love brings more love upon you. You are very loved, my dear!!!