Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My lovely roommate Stephanie is a yoga instructor at Core Power Yoga. She's crazy good at it.

The studios she works at recently decided to add Barre classes to the mix and Stephanie was one of the first teachers certified to teach. Woo Hoo!!!

I wanted to accompany her to one of the classes, so we went to a Barre class over the weekend that was taught by the instructor who runs the Barre program at many Core Power Yoga's.

First of all, she was intense. Like, boot camp intense. I once went to boot camp at 24 Hour Fitness and this crazy lady named Lindsay taught it (at 5:30 a.m. btw...) and I am too afraid of her to go back. That is exactly how I'm feeling toward Stacy right now. The only incentive to go back is in the fact that I somehow feel that by participating in her Barre class I might end up looking like her, never mind the 30 years of dancing that went into her body...

Anyway, my calves are sore. I've never been so sore in one muscle in my whole life and I've been sore before. I move painfully slow, which is quite entertaining to my other roommate Jen.

This morning it took about 10 minutes (including a steaming hot shower) to be able to straighten my legs out all the way. I wish someone would have been in the work parking lot with me to watch me get out of my car.

Good thing my desk chair has wheels... Do you think people would notice if I wheeled myself everywhere today?

Barre description via Core Power: In CorePower Barre we merge the best of Yoga, Pilates and the Lotte Berk (ballet) barre method in an invigorating, intense and fun class that will compliment a regular yoga practice and/or fitness routine. On the mat and at the barre, simple and precise movements will build elegant, lean muscles and allow students to develop strength in muscles that are often under utilized. The optional use of weights, resistance bands and fitness balls provide opportunity to intensify the workout.

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