Friday, July 22, 2011

Rocky Mountain High Stylin

GQ compiled a list of the worst dressed cities in America. What I am sure is not much of a shock to most of us is that Boulder comes in at No. 40.

Here is what GQ had to say:

Strolling through this charming university town, you are most likely to find three major categories of clothing: 1) anything made by North Face 2) anything made by Patagonia 3) fanny packs. The observant eye will also spot unmistakable seasonal trends, such as Adidas for Fall, Crocs for Spring, and Uggs for Summer (we have no explanation for this). These are often accompanied by Boulder's year-round go-to accessory, the wheatgrass shot (sometimes paired with an unidentifiable vegan "cookie"). Yet of Boulder's 100,000 people, about 30,000 are students, some 99.9% are blonde, and all of them in better shape than you. This town is always obnoxiously flaunting its "fittest-place-in-the-country" awards, and you will be hard-pressed to find one person here, including your 85-year-old grandmother, without a six-pack. It is, in fact, a worst-dressed city that looks best naked. So Boulderites, do your fellow citizens a favor: next time you reach for the biking-shorts-and-sneakers as eveningwear combo, just take it all off.—Nurit Zunger

I love Colorado, but we definitely have some stereotypes that ring true, particularly when it comes to style.

Walking through Denver you’ll see many of the 20 –somethings strolling around in what I would deem the basic Colorado uniform.Jeans, northface and uggs are pretty much the standard for winter. The summer varies greatly depending on the outdoor activity you choose as your hobby.

Last night I went on a bike ride with some friends after work, we decided to grab a bite to eat. The three of us walked into Five Guys in all of our bike gear and we realized we had become one of “those people.”

*** let us take comfort in the fact that Provo is No. 15 and Salt Lake is No. 8

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