Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modern Convenience Gone Wrong

I’m all for modern convenience, things that make life easier and much more enjoyable.

My work has ruined one of the greatest modern conveniences ever – air conditioning. I think that they may be trying to torture me. I’m not exactly sure why though?

Do they think that lower temperatures promote a better work environment? Perhaps it improves one’s thought processes?

I’m going to admit that complaining about it, whether in my head, to my coworkers, or here on my blog, means that it is significantly decreasing my productivity.

Why must I bundle up in the middle of July just to sit at my desk and work? Plus, I don’t think the air ever turns off. It’s a steady stream of freezing cold air.

My coworker thinks I’m crazy, but her desk isn’t directly underneath the vent. I think there is a conspiracy against me…

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