Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning Woes

Do you ever feel so tired in the morning that you cannot think straight? I feel this way every morning… I’m working on it.

It takes all of my will to drag myself out of bed (can we blame my allergies or something so I don’t need to take personal responsibility here??) and stumble into the shower.

I do everything in my power to reduce the puffiness under my eyes, quickly dry my hair, throw on some clothes and then I’m eating as I run out the door.

A few hours later, once I am fully awake and alert at work the consequences of my decisions dawn on me…

My hair and my outfit are almost embarrassing. Luckily my hair is an easy fix. I’ve learned to carry some molding clay in my purse to allow for these events (I also carry a backup for all my medicine because I can’t trust myself to take in all in the morning). The clothing thing is a problem I cannot solve. My brain was functioning enough to have me throw some additional clothes into my gym bag so I can look presentable at my church meeting after my workout today.

First, is it bad that I would rather been seen in workout attire than what I choose to wear to work today?

Second, If I can think of that solution, why can’t I think of a better outfit??

Now, this all has to do with my vanity. My outfit is not atrocious, it’s slightly plain not at all trendy and boring. Apparently I need to employ all my mental capacity to find something cute.

Goal for tomorrow: 1. Pick out an outfit before I go to bed and 2. Wake up 15 minutes earlier

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