Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adventures in Opera

I am slightly different, ok incredibly different, than most women my age. Last night I traded my traditional love of the midsummer classic (go NL!!!) for my love of the arts.

My friend and I attended Denver’s first Opera under the stars. We went to watch the Central City Opera’s production of Carmen, at an outdoor amphitheater. Purchasing the tickets seemed like a good choice at the time, however I did not anticipate weather complications.

In case you are located in Denver, we have had some nasty storms lately. Flash floods, lightening, torrential downpours… every afternoon. After brief showers during the afternoon and a little bit through dinner we thought we would make it.

The clouds seemed to break up at the start of the show and we were feeling good about it. At the end of Act II, it began to sprinkle… but it was intermission so we just sat. The rain came down harder, so up went my clear umbrella (clear umbrella=genius, you can still people watch in the rain).

We decided to wait it out. After a bit we realized that Act III was supposed to begin already… the production crew must have wanted to wait as well.

Suddenly the sky started to light up. Lightening was frequent but far enough away that we could not hear thunder. My friend Shareeta and I just sat and hoped that some weather magic might occur and spare us so.

Unfortunately the thunder roared, but the lightening was so frequent that you could not tell which booming thunder accompanied which lightening strike. That was until a huge bolt split the sky and it seemed to connect just outside of the amphitheater.

We decided it was time to go, unfortunately our decision coincided with heavier rain. We began to trot to the parking lot (and we did trot, trying to go as quickly as possible and still remain under the umbrella). I think I shouted “we’re going to die” and least three times after close lightening.

The umbrella failed, and we both were soaking wet, I had to take my shoes off to navigate though the streams that seemed to sprout up in the street. Our dirt parking lot turned into a lake. We were stuck for a little while, but managed to get out eventually (not after I stepped on a massive thorn bush with my bare feet).

I think it was punishment for missing the All-Star Game.

But the first half of the Opera was beautiful, and it was probably the greatest opera adventure I will ever have in my life.

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