Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last night was terribly disappointing. I went to the Rockies game, where I watched the team suffer another humiliating defeat. Does anyone else remember April, when the Rockies had the best record in baseball and the summer seemed so exciting with so many opportunities?

Then they started losing, and kept losing. Then they lost some more.

It’s not like they don’t have talent either.

Then they traded the best pitcher the organization has seen in years, we’ll wait to see how this move plays out.

Last night was too much. They should be winning. They aren’t.

September is going to be rough too.

Anyone else ready for football to begin?

P.S. my work bought the naming rights to Invesco – so I will soon be attending Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

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Noël said...

They can't win 'em all. Besides, now it'll be even more exciting and triumphant when they start winning again!