Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It snowed hard on Sunday. I love the peace that seems to blanket the world when it's snow. I was outside shoveling and just sat there and listened to the silence. Occasionally you could hear the dull hum of a car, the crunching of the snow against someone's shoes or tires, but that was it.

Unfortunately, driving in the snow is much less enjoyable. As is dealing with the melting snow the following day. Grrr....
At least I enjoyed it for a while.

Here are some photos I took from my new phone

outside of my friend's apt after church - I had to drive home in this
my feet in the snow
out in front of my house

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dawn said...

In a weird way I miss the snow already . . . more for the peace and beauty, definitely not the cold and shoveling and driving in the mess!