Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shine on

Well friends, I had an interesting moment last night. I was at Herman's Hideaway for Dustin's band's show with a bunch of my other friends.

Dustin is one of my best friends. We have been close since high school and I love him like a brother, but sometimes I have no idea how in the world we are friends.

I was sitting at a table with most of my friends when someone mentioned football. I made a comment about Cam Newton and 3/4 of the people (the people who are my friends) had no idea who Cam Newton was. Really... Hiesman trophy winner... BCS Championship... Major scandal...


So I sat there with my friends, realizing I had very little in common with these people who love to play music and go to shows. Then there was my other group of friends there with varied interests, but very few of those interests coincide with any of my interests.

How did I become friends with these people??

I sought refuge with Dustin's parents. His father is an avid sports fan and likes when I come around because we can talk sports. His mom likes it because she doesn't have to pretend like she cares about sports when I'm there.

On a nice bonus, the band that played just before Dustin's band was The Statesboro Revue, from Austin, Texas.

I really liked the band. I went home and listened to some of the songs on the record and decided I liked the music better live.

Here's a taste:

P.S. I love Cam Newton, scandal and all.
P.P.S. did anyone see Jimmer Fredette's 47-point performance against Utah - AMAZING


Sean and Becky said...

Dude! I EVEN know who Cam Newton is! Haha..that just makes him look bad :) jk

Natalie and Tyler said...

So I know you have had lots of friends in your life but I like to think we are soul friends (like soul mates but minus the mating because that is weird) because I know who Cam Newton is (but I was routing for Oregon even though normally Im not an Oregon fan- it's a PAC 10 thing), I know about his scandle, and I am currently trying to plan a trip to Provo so I can watch Jimmer score another 47 points in one game. I mss you :)