Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cold Winter Morning...Lovely Winter Meetings

Now that I am unofficially done with school (did my final presentation for my 485 class and it was pretty much BOMB) I'm ready to continue blogging about my life.

Due to the scheduling of my Capstone course and other finals I was unable to attend Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. It's too bad because it is just down the interstate from me, but apparently finishing my degree is too important.

I really wanted to get a chance to go to the job fair, but I am sure there will be more opportunities for me in the future.

I just wanted to note a few things:

1. The mets signed K-Rod to a really nice deal. Do I think 36 million dollars is too much for one of the most overrated positions in baseball...yes. I'm not sure if Frankie is worth that kind of money. Don't get me wrong, he's a great closer and he did break the single-season save record with 62 saves for the Angels last season, but 11 or some odd million dollars to year to pitch one inning every few days???? And you usually are just protecting a lead, get three quick outs.

2. CC Sabathia sign a seven year deal, I think it is 140 Million dollars. Now a real true Ace is a gem and CC is a great pitcher but 140 Million on a 290 lb. aging pitcher??? (Note: CC is 28, and that's not old, it's just in seven years I'm not sure how he'll be performing) If Frankie isn't work 26 million then CC is def. not worth 140. Now the Yankees need pitching and the Yankees buy talent so let's see how far this deal will get them.

3. No news on the Teixeira front yet. Its been pretty quite so I'm not expecting anything final to come out of Winter Meetings. I've read that he wants to sign by December.

4. The Rockies are looking to trade Carlos Gonzales (no-named outfielder with real potential acquired in Holliday trade). I'm sure hoping they get something big out of a deal with them. With Holliday gone they are going to need a big bat in the lineup and they NEED pitching still. I'm starting to doubt this Holliday trade and it's potential implications.

Ahh, Winter Meetings. A glimpse into the 2009 season, which I anxiously anticipating.

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