Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 In Pictures

So I found this wonderful collection of photos from 2008.

I'm posting a few of the photos, but they are all amazing. Take the time to look through them.

The first two parts have already been posted but the third one will come out tomorrow. I'll link it for you then.

It's amazing to consider what goes on across the world and how every culture is so different. Many of these photos come from places ravaged by natural disaster, torn apart from war, the remains of forgotten communities, the mechanical feats of the human race and the physical demands of athletics.

I am humbled by how little I was aware of some of these events.

These photos are amazing! I must warn you that some of them are rather graphic (bloodshed), but you have to click to view the ones deemed offensive, so your safe.

Click here for the first set

Click here for the second set

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