Monday, April 2, 2012

Best Friends

Hey Guys. I'm back from my Spring Training. It was amazing! It was a great tme to spend watching baseball (love), hanging out with the dad and the little bro (love), enjoying warm weather (love) and lots and lots of sunscreen!

I'm back tot he grind. I'm also in the market for a new position, so please keep me in mind if you know anyone in Public Relations or advertising. I have a really strong desire to work in the public sector right now...

Anyway, back to the blog post.

I've been missing my best friend. I've been missing her a lot. She moved to Indiana last summer. The strange thing about this is that I moved away from Utah, and therefore her, over two years ago. Yet I'm missing her now more than ever.

I have wonderful, amazing people in my life and have developed some great friendships, but I miss her like crazy. I am so grateful to have relationships this powerful.

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