Monday, January 30, 2012

Phase One. Day 14

Today my roommate and I made it through phase one of the South Beach Diet.

I'd like to tell you that it was easy, but it certainly wasn't. But I do feel great. I'm not sure how much weight I lost last time I weighed I was down 9.5 lbs, but we'll see tomorrow for the final count.

I have no idea how it works, but I really have lost a lot of belly fat and that is exactly what they said would happen. The results keep me motivated and help me to say no to the treats around me.

Tomorrow I begin Phase Two! Carbs are back in, as is fruit. I'm a little bit nervous to see how my body will react. The weight loss slows down to a healthy amount during phase two. Closer to 1-2 lbs a week.

For anyone who is considering the diet here are a few of my thoughts. Don't feel guilty for not feeling hungry. I wish I drank more water during phase one, and slept more. Watch out for your fat servings. I cheated a bit because I would sometimes have almonds and natural peanut butter in the same day. I didn't feel guilty because of how healthy I was eating, but looking back I wish I had been better about that.

I can't wait until tomorrow. I'm going to eat some carbs in the morning.

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