Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just a few thoughts running through my mind this fine Thursday afternoon.

- My roommate and I decided to the South Beach diet. A good friend of our lost 35lbs on it so we thought we would give it a try. I will let you know when we're done with phase one how much we've lost but I'll just say I can already see a change in my body. It's not a low-carb diet, it's more of a healthy lifestyle.

- I cannot wait for baseball season to begin. I miss it so much I want to cry. Despite my great disdain for the Boston Red Sox, I'm trying to organize a trip to Boston to see the team. How to do with without spending $?? I pretty much just need a place to stay... Know anyone in boston?

- I love pickles now. And I wish I was eating sugar free pudding right now... mmm....

- I am thinking about running the Colorado Ragnar... As in we're just trying to get a team together for it.

- I feel incredibly blessed right now. Just remarkably at peace with my life. God is Good.

- The highlight of my weeks right now are going to my 11-year-old brother's basketball games on Saturday. I usually keep score for my dad. I just love to watch the little guys improve. Today I realized they only have two games and then a tournament left and I got a little bit sad. At least it'll be followed up with their baseball season.

- I want something to train for. I have some lofty goals as far as this whole South Beach thing, and I'll admit that I've never been so committed to something. Granted, it's day 10 and that's not all that long but I feel great. I haven't had sugar in that time, and I've said no to just about everything I couldn't imagine being tempted with. We have a cheat day planned on my roommate's birthday in March.

- I've been listening to French music all morning. To get myself ready for spring!


Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

You like pickles now?! I am astounded. To this day I can't eat a pickle without hearing you in the back of my mind telling me how much you hate the "squeakiness" :) I'm glad you have discovered their greatness. A pickle-less life is no life at all.

Dawn said...

Talk with Cris about a place to stay in Boston!