Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello Weekend

I am SO glad it's Friday! It has been a long week and I'm ready for the weekend. My goal is to take it pretty easy, I've got to fit in some good workouts and study time, but other than that I will spend the weekend relaxing.

Best way to kick off the weekend... Giant nutrition free for all at work. Check out the goods I managed to grab. There was so much stuff! Every single day I am happy to be employed, but some days I really LOVE my job.

Just a few things to note -

I love Colorado

I want to read everything this man writes.

Sick of people making drama around the world series. I just want to watch some awesome baseball.

I can't wait for listening to Christmas music to be acceptable and I can't wait for this album.

Planning on making these too.

1 comment:

dawn said...

Okay . . . I tried to get to the writing that you want to read, but had difficulty. Why do you like this? I'm curious. Also, when you make those cookies you'd better bring some over! My God, those look amazing!!! Also, did I tell you that Granny asked if I knew of Pioneer Woman, and I told her about your obsession? ha ha!