Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am my Father's Daughter and Other Random Thoughts

Today is the loveliest day of the year to date.

While I was on my lunch break I found myself with a few thoughts I would like to share

-I am my father's daughter. I had to run to the home depot on my lunch break (I'm legit like that) and I couldn't help but stop of the hot dog vendor for lunch. Gross hot dogs right? I got all nostalgic and thought of random Saturday trips to home depot with my dad that always included a stop at the hot dog stand.

-Nothing beats driving with the windows down listening to She&Him.

-Sometimes I am reminded that Sports Authority is an awesome place to work. Today there was a salsa contest. About 25 people made salsa, according to specific categories, and we got to taste them all and vote on our fave. Fantastic Cince De Mayo activity!

-I love the anticipation leading up to my birthday, almost as much as I love my birthday. I don't like it when people down play birthdays.

-I'm on the hunt for a great birthday dress... I let you know what I find.

-I need more baseball in my life. A lack of cable makes for a sad Jillian during baseball season.

-I miss J Dawgs.

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